The Devon waterfall, located in Talawakelle in the Nuwara Eliya district is one of Sri Lanka’s most distinctive waterfalls. The waterfall drops for a sheer 97m of cascading water, and thereafter flows in three continuous tiers, making it waterfall after waterfall. It’s a beautiful and amazing sight.

And its one of a pair of waterfalls – a few meters away is the St. Clair waterfall, which together provides one of the most breathtaking waterfall sights in Sri Lanka to any visitor. Tour groups invariably stop and gaze in rapture from the look out point in Talawakelle, across a deep tree-filled gorge into which the water from the two falls flow and disappear. This is perhaps the only place in Sri Lanka where you can view two magnificent waterfalls, each distinctly different, from the same vantage point.

The Devon falls are located on Devon Estate, originally a coffee plantation which was transformed into tea and continues to be a working tea plantation today. The estate takes its name from a pioneering coffee planter named Devon, who is also attributed with clearing trees and shrubs around the falls to showcase the amazing waterfall at its best.